Abusive Experience Bulk Checker (AEBC)

Self-hosted software for mass domain verification in the Google Abusive Experience DB.

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About AEBC Software

AEBC is php-based self-hosted software for site owners or SEO for mass domain verification in the Google Abusive Experiences database. Abusive Experience is database that Google Chrome uses to blocks ads and some interfaces on your sites. Google spiders continuously catch internet sites and mark some with "aggressive advertising", and then Chrome and Chromium browsers ban this sites according Abusive Experience db. This database can be used by some other browsers and not only based on the Chromium engine. The entire site will be banned.

This action by Google can especially bring a lot of unpleasant surprises for your sites. Surfers cant see all ads and in some cases whole site pages. You loose money.
More about Google Abusive Experiences db. ↬ But you can prevent this process if you are warned in time. Our product will help you do this.


Advantages of AEBC

  • There is no need to add domains to Google Search Console tools (formerly Google Webmaster tools).
  • You can check not only your own domains, but absolutely any domains, even non-existing sites.
  • The test is carried out in a matter of seconds for any unlimited number of domains.
  • You can get the result by request or as a report to your email as a raw dump.
  • Privacy: You get complete sel-hosted software. You don't trust your domains to a third-party service!
  • Easy to install and no dependencies.
  • Lifetime license, no subscription!

Google bans popunders?!

Don't lose traffic

Be always warned in time about an approaching problem and save your sites in time.


Some software interface and email reports screenshots.

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  • Web
  • Email
AEBC Web Checker

Web Checker

AEBC Web Domains Editor

Web Domains Editor

AEBC Email Report

Email Report

AEBC Web Login Form

Web Login Form

AEBC Web ALL OK Report

ALL OK Report

AEBC Email Raw Dump

Email Raw Dump


Discounts are available if you need a second or subsequent license.

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  • Installation and Setup
  • Source code
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have own questions. And you always can read manual to find answers on technical questions.


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